A Changing Wild World

The Environment and Conservation

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The Price Tag Of The Wildlife Trade

The price of animal parts is increasing over the price of gold and cocaine. After habitat loss, the illegal wildlife trade is the second biggest threat to animals. Continue reading

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The New Victims Of Palm Oil

Oil palm plantations have come to Africa and the great apes are under the same threat that the orangutans have faced for twenty years. Continue reading

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The Sea Dump – The Extent Of Ocean Plastic

A study recording the amount of plastic in five ocean gyres has shown there is a huge amount of plastic waste, but not the amount that is expected. The plastic is there, but it is unsure where it is and what the impact is. Continue reading

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Norwegian Reindeer Population Growth and How Climate Change Is The Cause

A study has found Norwegian reindeer populations are increasing despite climate change. However, Tte trend overall for the Arctic is not so positive. Continue reading


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