Hunting Conservation

“I will continue to hunt and spread the knowledge of hunting and wildlife conservation.”

“Another harvest for today.”

“Not only am I hunting to conserve these animals and stop the harm they go through from the locals that poach them for no reason but giving back into this community is such an eye opener!”

“Hunters are the biggest conservationists there are”

Kendall Jones

Kendall Jones, a 19 year old from Texas hunts. She hunts lion, rhinoceros, antelope, leopard, elephant, zebra and hippopotamus. At the age of 13 she made her first kill, a white rhino. Her boasting online has caused a wave of controversy with two petitions, one to be prevented from entering African countries and the other for her Facebook page, where she posts the pictures of her kill and advocates for hunting, to be removed. The photos show Kendall Jones smiling over her (4)

Her claim is that the money that she has paid for the kills go back to conservation efforts and that population management is required in many game reserves, a duty that she is prepared to carry out. All her hunting is legal, but many critics have stated that legal hunting does not mean it is right. The public have questioned Jones as to why she thinks that the big game hunting is fair or humane but Jones has repeated her statement in that her hunting is in the name of conservation. Her biggest argument is that the huge hunting fees that she pays are helping the local communities, but she is paying the money to the government and it is highly unlikely it will trickle down to these people. Jones has posted on Facebook videos on villagers chopping up a dead elephant that she took down for food.

The Humane Society’s vice president for wildlife protection, Nicole Paquette, has requested Jones to lay down her arms.

“Traveling halfway around the world to shoot some of the world’s most magnificent, and threatened animals is shameful,” says Paquette. “Many of the species that Ms. Jones has killed face declining populations due to loss of habitat and poaching. Amidst this crisis, trophy hunting only adds to the threats to the survival of these iconic species and is nothing more than a thrill kill.

“Our affiliate, Humane Society International, works in the field to protect wildlife and prevent human-wildlife conflicts in Africa and around the world. Rather than pose for social media with these rare species, lying lifeless, Ms. Jones should support true conservation efforts to combat poaching and protect both animals and communities.”

Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt  announced that Australia would no longer be permitting the shipment of Rhino trophies into the country. This has come after the wake of Kendall Jones. “If an Australian is going overseas, paying $40,000 for a lion and then they can’t bring it back to Australia to put above their mantelpiece, that takes the incentive away”.

‘A peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy back in 2005 details how trophy hunting actually helped promote the recovery of southern white rhino populations. According to the study, the legalization of white rhino hunting in South Africa motivated private landowners to reintroduce the species onto their lands, as they could charge hefty fees to permit a hunt in a “fair chase” environment.’ – Nature World News. This calls into question whether rhinos should be bred to killed. In this way, the population seems to only be growing for its instrumental use, not the intrinsic value.

It seem that dignity is lost for the animals in these photos. Jones stands on and drapes the carcasses in a grotesque fashion and it is certain to say that she is leaving a trail of blood throughout Africa. It’s not just Kendall Jones, there are thousands of others who travel from other countries to Africa to hunt big game, but the eyes of the world are on her. Jones has taken it upon herself to ‘control’ the population of African mammals with guns. Jones may be sending a message to the local people that hunting is acceptable. When so many international efforts are being made to stop poaching and illegal hunting, it seems a backward step to see someone like Jones taking down big game in the name of conservation. There are people putting their lives on the front line to stop poachers whilst Jones pays for a licence, points her gun and takes down African game.

The lion is vulnerable

The white rhino is near threatened

The leopard is near threatened

The elephant is vulnerable

The hippo is vulnerable

 Kendall-Jones-1 Kendall-Jones-8 Kendall-Jones-4 Kendall-Jones-3



2 responses to “Hunting Conservation

  1. I wonder, has this young person considered donating the money she pays to kill these animals, to the anti poaching organizations directly, negating the need to stand astride them, once dead, in such a crude way? Immaturity, stupidity and ignorance, hopefully the outrage felt by so many about this young ladies actions will mean there can be a positive outcome from such behaviour. So many young people give so much time, effort and funds to serious conservation efforts, I applaud them, what a shame this child does not do the same.

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