Operation Wallacea Photo Competition

Thank you to all who have voted! If you have already voted, you can vote again! You can vote everyday until the end of November. So, if you have a minute, could you please vote for my photo in the Operation Wallacea Photo Competition! https://opwall.com/contestants/penny-banham/

This summer I went on an expedition with Operation Wallacea to Welgevonden Game Reserve in South Africa to collect research on rhinos for my dissertation. We came across a herd of elephants in the late afternoon who were not really pleased with our presence. As we were leaving them in peace, I turned around and saw this mother and her tiny calf rushing across the road. I was lucky enough to catch a photo of them as they headed back into the bush.


We came across this beautiful lioness waiting in the tall grass for her sister to come back from hunting. She was so close you could have reached out and touched her. Lions are one of the icons of Africa, and she was stunning. Please vote for my photo of this magnificent lioness in the Opwall Photo Competition – https://opwall.com/contestants/penny-banham-2/



One response to “Operation Wallacea Photo Competition

  1. I really liked the photo of the elephants. So often in the jungle you have no time to compose the photo: you just have to click as the action takes place. This photo captures the action and looks good.

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