A Changing Wild World

The Environment and Conservation

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The Great Animal Migrations

Migration is the usually seasonal movement of animals in pursuit of food, suitable breeding sites or to escape bad weather or other environmental conditions. Migrations can be long or short, covering just a few miles to covering half the earth. … Continue reading


World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day is on September 22 and celebrates all five species of rhino: Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos.  Today, conservationists and animal lovers come together to celebrate World Rhino Day. However, the day is marked with … Continue reading

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A New Human Species Discovered

Fossils have been discovered in a cave, believed to be a burial chamber, in South Africa belonging to an extinct human species not previously discovered. The discovery of 15 partial skeletons is the largest single discovery of its type in … Continue reading

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Climatic Shifts – The Migration Of Climate Zones

It is well known that climate change is affecting many different environments: the coral reefs are dying from acidification of the oceans, the sea ice is melting and temperatures are increasing across the world. However, a study published recently in … Continue reading

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Snaring Wildlife – A loss of lives and limbs from snares

Snares are not discriminatory and dangerous. They are a huge problem for wildlife in developing countries, however, very little is heard about the serious effects they cause. Not only can snares kill and maim animals that happen to get caught … Continue reading

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Walruses Stranded in the Arctic

Walruses have become stranded in the Arctic. Due to the Arctic sea ice this year being in the ‘top 10’ of the small extents recorded, the walruses have been forced to come to shore on a remote island in Alaska. … Continue reading

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Losing The World’s Rainforests

The Washington-based Center for Global Development has predicted that tropical rainforests encompassing an area equivalent to the size of India will be felled in the next 35 years. The centre was able to predict, by studying satellite imagery across 100 … Continue reading

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The Uncontacted Tribes Of South America

  South America is home to a few of the last uncontacted tribes in the world. However, their status of being ‘uncontacted’ may change as experts fear that these tribes will come into contact with the outside world and may … Continue reading


Antibiotic Resistance In Wildlife

Antibiotic resistance is going to be one of the most pressing threats in the world. Antibiotic resistance has been linked with overuse of antibiotics in human medicine and in the production of livestock. There have been several reports over the … Continue reading

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The Climate Change Exodus – How Rising Sea Levels Are Swallowing Nations

Climate change is affecting the most low-lying islands in the world. The increasing sea level is resulting in displaced communities. Continue reading


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