The Great Animal Migrations

Migration is the usually seasonal movement of animals in pursuit of food, suitable breeding sites or to escape bad weather or other environmental conditions. Migrations can be long or short, covering just a few miles to covering half the earth. Massive animal migrations are arguably one of nature’s most inspiring events. The distance that some…

Fear For The 55 – The Maui’s Dolphin – Te Ika a Maui

There are only 55 Maui’s dolphin left in the world and a proposed oil drilling site of 3000 square kilometres in the waters of New Zealand could further threaten their survival.

The Face of Extinction

The mass extinction caused by humans and some of the most endangered animals as a result of this.

A Gentle Giant: The Dugong in Australia

Mermaid, marine horse, pretty girl and spirit of the sea. These are the meanings of the name dugong. A gentle giant of the sea, it lives in the shallows of the Indo-Pacific Ocean, but the population is in danger. Unfortunately population growth is extremely slow: a 5% increase per year at maximum rates. This is…