The Blob: Chaos In The Pacific

What happens when a warm waters invade the Pacific? Chaos. An expanse of unusually warm water in the northern Pacific Ocean had a profound effect upon marine animals from Mexico to Alaska. Nicknamed ‘the blob’ by Nicholas Bond, a University of Washinton meteorologist, the warm water was first observed in 2013 and stayed until 2015….

A New Human Species Discovered

Fossils have been discovered in a cave, believed to be a burial chamber, in South Africa belonging to an extinct human species not previously discovered. The discovery of 15 partial skeletons is the largest single discovery of its type in Africa.  More than 1,500 pieces of bone were recovered from the cave. They are believed to…

Orphaned Baby Elephants “You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With”

See baby elephants escort a man into a wild herd in East Africa. Investigative journalist Bryan Christy takes some time to relax with the young orphaned elephants at the Ithumba Release Camp in Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park. Much to his delight, the younger elephants are friendly and accepting of Christy, and they escort him to…

Walruses Stranded in the Arctic

Walruses have become stranded in the Arctic. Due to the Arctic sea ice this year being in the ‘top 10’ of the small extents recorded, the walruses have been forced to come to shore on a remote island in Alaska. The extreme loss of the Arctic sea ice is the result of climate change. The…

Dazzling Time-Lapse Reveals America’s Great Spaces

October 23, 2013—After quitting a comfortable day job, photographer Shane Black spent two months on the road shooting time-lapses of some of America’s most beautiful spots. His “Adventure Is Calling” video is the mesmerizing result, made from about 10,000 of the photos he took.

The Loss of Satao

Beloved African Elephant Killed for Ivory SATAO National Geographic has written about ‘Kenya’s most adored elephant’. This is a sad month for Tsavo National Park.