Majestic Wildlife Roaming Across The Kenyan Landscape

The aerial shots taken by anti-poaching patrols in the Tsavo Conservation Area, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, highlight the majesty of the wildlife of Africa, but also, the devastating effects of the poaching crisis currently raging through the continent.

The Massacre Of The World’s Rhinos – The Orphans

A rhino calf, whose mother was poached, took shelter next to cars in Kruger National Park and is now being cared for at Care For Wild.

The Price Tag Of The Wildlife Trade

The price of animal parts is increasing over the price of gold and cocaine. After habitat loss, the illegal wildlife trade is the second biggest threat to animals.

Hunting Conservation

Kendall Jones has caused a wave of controversy over her big game hunting activities in Africa.

The 1000th World Heritage Site – The Okavango Delta

Botswana’s Okavango Delta has been listed as the 1000th World Heritage site as of today, making this a momentous occasion for all who have worked for this. This area is key to saving Botswana’s elephants and is home to 24 species of globally threatened birds. The Delta is a haven for so many threatened large…

The War of the Rhinos

Africa is under siege. A war on a huge scale is being fought and although we understand and think poaching is cruel and horrible, can we understand the extent of what is happening? 553 rhinos have been poached this year alone. In 2012 the total was 668. This means by the end of 2013, 900…